What is bLife? You can have one too!

We keep getting asked the same questions, You look so happy, how can I have a bLife too? How can I..? You get the idea. We are sharing our approach and the hard choices we made that enabled our bLife.

9 months ago

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We are often asked, “what’s this bLife thing you guys are doing”. The less direct people ask “what does bLife mean?” and they both typically land to some type of question where the bottom line of their puzzling and questions is “it’s a hobby right, you can’t make money with this shit…”

Well, since we keep repeating ourselves, this post is mostly for the next time anyone at the movement gets the question.

The QR code

You may wonder, what’s this QR code for. It’s not for you that you are reading this page, it is for the next time that we get asked the question, we will bring up the phone, show the code, they will scan it and their answer is this article.

if a friend asks you what is bLife, now you can just have them to scan this code.

Just For You

To you that landed on this page, with or without the QR code there’s a story behind the word bLife and meaning that has little to do with anything but unquestionable happiness.

What bLife Means

bLife stands for “beautiful life”. Back in the 90s, Mario was hanging out with a friend from Milan that kept throwing that term around every time he was having a good time or simply acting like our Scalet on sunny days after a successful lizard hunting session.

That word stuck with him and his brother and for decades they had been following Fabio’s life mantra on enjoying as much as you can while you can.

We worked really hard and beyond the average blue-collar for most of our lives. While regular humans they were working one job and having a vacation once in a while. We were full-time employees, building startups, inventing technologies, and becoming pro DIYers. Oh… and raising two kids! We were not just busy, we were rewriting the book of time management and how to not kill your spouse in the process. Or anybody else for that matter…

When we hit our 50s, we figured that it was time to find a different pace without compromising too much our thirst for adventure and work ethics.

We bought two acres of land, mostly raw and on one of the best islands of the Pacific, and started the foundations of our next 50 years to come.

Many modern off-griders sustain themselves with the creation of content that they stream on YouTube, making money through viewership. The key nature of their content is their own lifestyle. How to build a shed with little, how to set up a solar panel system, and so on are some of the typical topics that are shared. Some are very successful in doing so while the vast majority give up after a while and find an alternative way to make a well-earned income.

Bitmoji Image

Creating quality content is hard and since often becomes one or two people show. There’s great pressure in coming up with fresh content, keeping it engaging, and expected to be edited as only George Lucas would do. You know, a basic small feat like that…

We explored that venue because it sounded the logical thing to do in order to sustain ourselves. However, after a few months of experimenting, we realized that the trade-offs are many and the payoff is directly linked to gambling while blindfolded and picking through. As crazy thinkers and disregarding the status quo, we figure that we can do it differently.

The Bots

We believe that at the foundation of streaming some content there’s a winning idea. And that isn’t just because Youtube makes billions of dollars using others people’s work in exchange for peanuts. We believe that is super solid because since the TV was invented, there has been no scarcity in that line of business. We could have done porn but as it turns out that one of us in the couple thinks that is a deal-breaker and a life-ending business. I am not saying who… is of that opinion.

As we were brainstorming, we had pinned out one thing. Streaming content is a thing that we want to do. We want to develop a business in the entertainment arena. Good, she said, one of the seven thousand things to figure out is down.

We couldn’t stream ourselves because we would be in a range of age that when compared to other YouTubers in the same space would put us at a disadvantage in carving an audience.

One night we were watching The Truman Show movie, for some reason Victoria had not seen the movie before. Typically it is hard to keep her glued to the screen before too soon she goes on a rant that she has already figured out the whole plot. This time around she kept commenting about the movie even after the movie ended. The moment of unusual normality made me think and the next morning I figured out that two of the seven thousand things that we don’t even know that we have to work on, had just been nailed.

The light bulb moment

It occurred to me that we have always been ahead of ourselves and the times. Our home had been a circle of public display before Facebook was a thing. Our sense of privacy is very high in some things that most humans don’t care about and wildly open for what the most consider “personal”.

Honey, I have an idea, tell me what you think… Most of our inventions have begun a long journey with that sentence. This time was like that plus some serious ha-ha moments intertwined by “from where this is coming from?!”

The conversation lasted about two hours where Victoria was taking copious notes, recording my rumblings, and laughing at my “fuck yeah” moments.

The core of the idea

The idea is to build the first-ever Internet interacting movie where the writers are the population of the Internet, the characters are robots designed by us and the rest of the planet is watching the unfolding of the events. Every season a group of trusted writers put their best efforts into the plots, we build robots that perform the plot while the show streams 24/7. And the best kick of all is that the plot can be tweaked live by anyone watching. There are rules that can be broken, rules that can be established in a democratic way to build suspense, fun, and originality.

Just like cameos in traditional tv shows, we will have references to the pop culture of movies that made robotic scene cinematographic history.

The first character is I AM CLOUD.IA, the brain of the whole BOT SHOW operations. She is the one that kicks off the show, the mastermind behind the creation and building of her children. With a pinch of HAL 9000 and a flavor of Mrs. Doubtfire, she gives the audience a feeling of being while never having more than a 2D text cursor presence.

LUBE-E, is her husband, a “man” that under bolts and nuts is a hard worker and in many regards is a spitting image of DUM-E, the one-arm robot in Iron Man.

Some robot porn leads to the birth of vikiBOT, their first child, which becomes the start and the star of this expected to be endless show.

How this is wired with the off-grid life?

It’s a natural question that some may have on their mind. For a starter, it is not different than any other business so even if we were selling cauliflowers on Mars while harvesting sun for powering Musk’s colony, it would just be another way of making money regardless of what the heck we do on Mars in the first place.

The most futuristic visions of robots in human settlements are seen as fully humanoids doing chores and other human-similar tasks. Although we believe that within the next decade robots will be an integral part of our lives, we think that their presence will be first wildly accepted into factories, then in harsher and less forgiving environments, like raw lands and ultimately homes. Finishing off with a miniaturization era that will allow them to travel with their owners. So finally that selfie can be done by a bot and not stacking the phone in the most creative way possible to selfie your future trip to Cancun.

Robots in factories are already a thing but they are mostly designed for one specific purpose and besides their mechanical shininess they don’t have much of the robotic intelligence, that SCI-FI movies have set for humanity. They will get smarter and will be more multi-functional than are designed today.

We believe that in an off-grid setting we have more opportunities to see bots, of all shapes and “interesting” design approaches than homes. Because for the latter the bar will be naturally set too high and Jarvis requires the aliens to show up in order to really become a thing... Off-griders are not flinging in front of compost toilets or collecting water from a roof drain or any other thing that any John Smith living in a small apartment in Manhattan wouldn't be able to tolerate.

We believe that our lifestyle will allow a family of humans, a family of worldly-designed bots to coexist and entertain the Internet.

Open Mentality

Much of this project is assembled in a public view but make no mistake we care to protect our rights to capitalize, monetize and marketize everything that is the result of the movement work. The company that is building I AM CLOUD.IA is Garage Innovation LLC, the bLife Movement™ brand and all other trademarks around this project are definitely “all rights reserved” first principle-driven.

However, we want to make the consumers of this project part of it and not surround everything with so much secrecy that will make conversations harder and efforts slower. There are several aspects of this project that are indeed kept very close to the heart, like two people on the planet but besides those secret sauce makers, the rest is developed in an open-source fashion-like because love doesn’t have international boundaries. And this family of bots is all about love with lots of oil in between.

The bLife Movement™ People

Someone asked:

“was this really your original intent when you started the movement and fooled us with this self-sustaining “thing” while in reality, you were testing the water and the possibilities for something completely different!?”

The best work we have ever done under the most daunting circumstances has always been in the company of very talented people while having a ton of fun with a total disregard of the status quo.

This project will be our last effort in the professional arena and also the most out of our scope of knowledge and previous experiences. It is unthinkable of accomplishing this by ourselves, therefore having around like-minded people that share the same vision and passion for the projects and THE BOTS, will be essential.

We will have to work in proximity of one another for the physical making of the bots while the rest can be done through the magic of Starlink satellites.

Therefore, the community we were set to create wasn’t a distraction, it is an essential part of the foundations. We are not talking about hundreds but rather a handful of very selected, fun, and heartful individuals.

Some people have talents they themselves don’t recognize, we kicked the ball and showed everyone that it’s not a matter of money or timing or children holding the parents behind or any other formal excuse we heard thus far. It’s a matter of “what I want to be remembered by” and how hard you really want something. And we really want our legacy to be the blueprint of Happiness, Creativity, and Exploration for others. Billions of love to share are just as good.

Hunting for new bLifers

If you have solid skills in video editing, CGI, robotics, or web development get in touch with us, we are assembling the team and we are eager to begin phase two of this journey. Between a trip to the beach and a coding session, we can shoot the breeze by the fireplace, building the best memories of a lifetime.

The show I AM CLOUD.IA it’s going to be something your next Tamagotchi is going to be jealous about. Be part of the future, now.

The bLife Movement™ founders.

🌴 Have a bLife moment, every day and for no reason whatsoever 🤙🏽

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Published 9 months ago