We Have A Logo

We finalized all details of the logo and we finally can start updating sites and social outlets.

2 years ago

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As some of you may recall we shared the story of how we went about creating the branding for our mission. The bLife Movement™ and if you don't check out this post.

To support the image we also made a jingle that is so catchy that is what our friends are texting about.

If you haven't played it yet, give it a click, but fair warning it's addictive! We will be updating our social outlets with the final logo this week. I updated our Twitter account for the avatar but not the background just yet. It takes quite a bit of gimmick to cut all images in accordance with all designer's requirements for each outlet! But we will get to it.

[jingle has been edited out due to a dispute with locals not wanting Molokai to be a destination for outsiders. Until we "patch" the original jingle I am removing the link since it created quite a frenzy... ]

It is a catchy jingle, almost as catchy as the day that Victoria caught me in her net with a simple "Hey, look over there!".  As I cruise through the photos to use for content to be posted I realize how much sun starving we were before we found Moloka'i. The smiles and funny moments I see in those photos were sprouting because we were in our environment, the type of where we are meant to be. An island!

At the core of the movement, there's love and desire to be surrounded by it. And this picture that our daughters captured while traveling through the Caribbean shows that there's a little bit of pirate love in all of us and definitely plenty of suns to be harvested. Join us with this movement we're in the process of creating, and let's build a new future together. Wherever you are.

St. Lucia
Mario Esposito

Published 2 years ago