The Science Of Destiny

I had never been in Hawaii, for a reason or the other, I never managed to go there. And despite everything, a roller cost of events and signs along the way were clearly saying "you place, is waiting for you. Come to papa..." -- the signs were right!

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Destiny is the most complicated subject in our world and cannot be comprehended without taking a global view in both space and time. Therefore this paper takes a multi-disciplinary approach using mathematics, physics, engineering, economics, and philosophy.

Yep! You read that right. There's a research paper on the theory behind destiny.  You thought it was just a Wikipedia entry or a definition from the dictionary, like the one below

It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual.

Science has always been organically my guiding line of thoughts. On occasion, I do cross the line in participating in some completely made-up superstitions. Like, don't cross glasses when toasting or some shit like that. But that has been primarily to fit in with others that actually believe in those sorts of things. Not participating would be true to the beliefs but then resulting in being an asshole. Therefore, priorities, priorities man! [source]

I don't believe in suspensions because they are statistically chaotic and therefore impossible to prove when they are real or made-up. Besides that of the 100% certainty of making you feel more miserable when something happens because you performed the forbidden act and you find justification in linking the bad event to that "poor choice" of challenging fate.

As an example, growing up my mom kept telling me that clipping my nails late at night would have made me lose my sight or severely diminishing it. Naturally, she had heard the same horse crap from her mother. I kept questioning because I couldn't rationalize that logic. And you know that moms have very sophisticated logic when it comes to parenting.

One day a teacher in my high school, upset about some argument he had with his mother on the matter of him being gay. He brings back this pearl of wisdom for me.

A bunch of bullshit man. Some of her ideas about the world are so fucked up. Like clipping nails late at night. Turns out that when electricity was scarce clipping with the dark was making people squinting and from there they developed this non-sense.

Describing my happiness in hearing that story from him can only be summarized by this gif.

As much as I have found an explanation for many of those types of occurrences there are a few things that at times I still not quite being able to explain/rationalize. I am sure Neil deGrasse would trump up something but I am not an astrophysicist therefore, I can just marvel and take it on all in.

How I met Victoria?

One word. Destiny.

At some point in time, as documented by research and statistical analysis I divorced. After so many years of being a standard house husband appliance, I had no clue of how to get back in the game and in particular what were the unwritten rules of the game in a hosting country.

I spent all my life on the Internet, in a very public way, since I had access to it for the first time in 1995. I met my first wife online while I was in Italy, although it happened by accident while I was pursuing to learn English from others online. Therefore, in seek of another companion I had all reason for starting from the same glorious arena so familiar to me. The Internet. I signed up for and start jamming on that keyboard like a hunter in Africa.

Had a bunch of dates, some fun, and a few horror stories. Like that Asian chick so much into hairbrushes that she had a display in her living room, dedicated to the collection. And she was actively using them and polishing them! She was very hot but definitely with rust in the wheels.
My ex would have never accepted the idea of moving to Hawaii. It took already some work to convince her to come to the US of America and have a child. And once there she had to remind me every week for 7 years how much better Russia was compared to American. According to her, Italy was second best. #truestory!
You can't make that shit-up episode is for another time. Back to the dating life now. I was single, my home had become a bachelor crash pad and during the quiet afternoons, I was attempting to hit a teddy bear positioned over a wood banister with a USB  missile launcher.

The computer was facing the teddy bear. The mouse (same as the picture) was close to the target of the shooting. I was bored and shooting darts to bear with the intent of making it fall off the stairs behind the banister seemed the right thing to do at the glorious age of 38. The last site I had visited was

For some weird reasons, the site kept proposing over and over Victoria's barebone/lame profile. My profile was curated like being made by an origami artist while in the crane position on top of the empire state building during a wind storm. Hers was more like, made by Francine from American dad, drunk.

Anyway, I finally hit the damn teddy bear, those darn USB missile launchers are not very accurate! The stuffed animal was clearly too freaking heavy for the foam dart. Which bounce off the bear and hits the mouse. Triggering off the Apple iMac screensaver and displaying the last profile proposed by

To make any reaction happen in science, you always need at the minimum two components of anything that can sparkle a reaction. Looking back at the past I can see how fate was working our future like Sudoku with real lives. One of the ladies that wrote me back from was from Hawaii!

Before that time and after I NEVER received a SINGLE email from anyone from the HST zone. Ever. And, again on the principle of science, in order to have a reaction to occur, I needed to have Hawaii and the right gal. Neither of those was on the horizon until I met the first part of my E = m_c^2.
That was until, among all the responses from match profiles I received Victoria's. Some were teasing, pleasantry, horny chattery. Her first reply was VERY different. And so the next messages, they all had the same type of tune. "I am not a pray to hunt buddy"

Naturally, I felt the challenge and got stubborn in wanting to lurk her in my net and as it turned out, I was the fish all along... I just didn't know at t

After some time she came over to my place, where I cooked and danced, and at some point, we move in together.! Fast-forwarding a few years later we meet a free spirit of Austrian man,

Peter! Happy as a camper, a good soul which on the occasion of celebrating his moving in with a girl I had introduced (my bad!), decided to throw a Lua party. I had never been to one and until Victoria explained it to me, I didn't even know what it stood for.

Entering the second initiator of the energy reaction. To a Hawaiian-themed party was requested to dress accordingly. Peter had just a pareo and shirtless for the rest. The picture below is because at some point his abs got cold.

I had a carousel of things on me that I had found at a party store. Despite the Bazar I was dressing I was feeling so much in tune with the island subject that I kept talking about it during the night, to the point that people thought I was drunk. Too bad that I had not drunk anything yet :-)

That Luau Party

That night was fabulous. I had so many flashes of Robison Crusoe lifestyle that I often didn't know it was the second-hand joint smokes the wind was puffing toward to me or it was really the call that early priest describes when they join the corporate faith. This video below was captured on one of the earliest iPhones and you can tell from the grainy (even after enhancing it) how low light and dark shots back then were not a focus for the mobile industry.

At this point, 12 years after that event I can only conclude that Hawaii was in the cards for me and Victoria and for a long time. The two elements that were supposed to bomb together and sparkle the change were just not there yet. That was until a Facebook Ad let us run into a property in Moloka'i that has become our next destination where the movement is taking shape.

So...yes. Superstitious things might not be fully flashed out but destiny according to research papers and some events seems to be ruling out that what is meant to be is going to be. Aloha!

Mario Esposito

Published 2 years ago