Sustainable food production

We want some of our land to be dedicated to farming for our self need and the rest to be shared with the community. Here's the story of what we have and what we're doing to grow it.

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The last time that I described what we're surrounded by, was about the birds and I got many comments that actually filled gaps of knowledge. As turns out several of our readers are birders!

This time, I am taking you through a tour of what we have as plants across the land and what we're adding in the future. Buckle up, plenty of juicy info to be shared. No mango was killed in vain for the making of this post. They made me say it!

we haven't gone bananas, we just have plenty for just two people!

When we had to make our decision to purchase our current homestead we were at a cross between buying an already all set place and the place we end up buying.

Victoria Esposito

Published a year ago