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Our first night out in MONTHS. A brief story fully of little great excitements.

a year ago

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Saturday we worked pretty hard on the land and since we have not gone out in months, thanks to wonder COVID that doesn't want to stay in the parking lot of mRNA and some novax genius... I figured:

wife, let's go out tonight!

After she recovered from the shock, she got pretty excited and jumped on the happy wagon. We have tried most of the restaurants in town, during the day but we had never been to one, since we moved here, in the evening.

The excitement was palpable, it felt like, we're going to the main city from the creek of nowhere. In reality, it was less than 5 miles from home 😅

The lady got all prepped up

my hottie is walking in progress. Picture the slow-motion scene of the movies LOL

I was ambushed into a picture by Charles that had kindly stopped by bringing some flower plants.

I was pointing where the palms will be placed in the future, Not acting like Columbus at the gas station

During the day we built yet another staircase to access the subsequent tier of the land and although know I can build one blindfolded thanks to my template for the job, I was pretty hungry and in my head, there was only food. It was also my solid food day!

Android definitely takes better nightly picture

When we arrived we quickly discovered that we were supposed to place a reservation which we did not because we assumed wasn't necessary given the times we are in.

We were about to head out when we decided to explore the surroundings and gloriously found a hammock wide enough for two, placed in the middle of three very well-kept palms.

Doesn't get more tropical than this

We figured, now we are hungry and we don't want to cook, so let's see what we can find open... We made one last attempt in asking if anything had freed up but with little hope since it has only been fifteen minutes.

We were in luck and the staff was very gracious and welcoming. From accepting the only big table left, we end up scoring a couple of tables by the seaside and just at the right distance for the live music!

Thanks to Michela the waitress for the snap

The night started with an "oh shoot...we should have reserved something" and moved into a completely different and better direction. WIF-I was all over the happy moon.

I certainly wasn't on a different moon either. It felt really good to experience seeing people in the wild.

It is surprising to me that no matter how many versions of iPhone I go through, the nightly pictures still looking like taken from a webcam of the 90s.

Hey, Filini boys back home!

The weather was spectacular, the seating was just perfect, the service was just right, I mean with something like that you can only top with local seafood and stake. WHICH WE DID!! We totally did. To the point that we didn't take pictures so much we were on it...

When we got home we were treated by a fantastic night sky, I wish the photos would do justice to what we were living. It was majestic!

And that shot was taken straight from our culdesac. Was breathtaking! We even saw two shooting stars, Vickie was excited like a kid because the last time she had seen was decades ago.

As I was heading to bed, I was thinking of the good food, lovely night, and what was ahead of my lunch sessions for the incoming week.

another week of this... Lord!

🌴 Have a bLife moment, every day and for no reason whatsoever 🤙🏽

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