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I spent a good chunk of my life in Campania [], the region where it was invented what the rest of the world enjoys: PIZZA!

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I spent a good chunk of my life in Campania, the region where it was invented what the rest of the world enjoys: PIZZA!

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And as history shows, when it comes to pizza, I have knowledge in spade on the subject. From the making of a pizza oven from scratch to the hosting backend, baking and yes, to the counting of much dough goes out of the oven...

At some point, we stopped counting, but for a few years this was rigorously in use

We even invented a couple of ovens format over the years. For almost every Italian that I know eating pineapple on Pizza is like pissing on someone's shoes and expecting a thank you in return.

However, now that we live in the beautiful state of Hawaii, we need to recalibrate our settings and become more friendly to this historical no-no option as topping on pizza.

I am not saying that overnight I will start evangelizing what since I was born was known as a monster in disguise in the format of food. But I am definitely saying that technically I was already the black ship of the family because since I left home we did test every possible thing we could think of on a pizza.

And one of the best creations was indeed what Victoria calls the Summer Pizza.

Nutella as base, bananas, and strawberry
Nutella base, peach, and kiwi

and speaking of putting things on a pizza that my mom would take me out of her will if she would know... when I put raw eggs on a pizza, I thought I was going to Dante's hell, first faction, just behind the demons trash outlets.

Then, Daniel member of the true Moutain Biking Filini club, reminded me that I had never made his most favorite monster pizza and I told him that once a year he could have his walking dead version.

Which is, pepperoni, jalapeno, pineapple, and other things that the keyword is refusing to type at this time! Oh as Daniel added, they have to be "the cheapest toppings you can find"!

After making it, I am certain that, I am not just going to the lowest Dante's faction but also that Satan has a reserved a parking spot for my working shift in cleaning the toilets of those who eat that type of pizza baked by an Italian. The list isn't going to be huge but man... it will a HELL of a dump.

He wanted to be sure that was the cheapest available
Pineapple, Alameño, Pepperoni, Mozzarella, and puke...

Those parties have been more than a reason to celebrate authentic Italian food, they are the perfect reason to celebrate friendship.

Out of all pizza we made over decades, my most favorite is still the simplest of all. Flat or folded (calzone), Margherita is by far my favorite and Margot's most wanted of all times.

Priorities now are about taking control of the out control vegetation, improving the Internet reliability and speed, and then other more infrastructural improvements. So the pizza over like we have it on the mainland will have to wait. However, in the meanwhile, we invented enough design of baby pizza oven to get the fix when needed. And hey, speaking of adaptation, Victoria which is now fully integrated and almost assimilated is already ahead of the game


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