Fun ahead, bLifun it is

Crosswords last week were a pretty good hit across our community, we received plenty of positive feedback and certainly some unexpected suggestions on how to keep adding to the fun day post.

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Hello, bLifers! Last week was our first post on relaxing time and fun together. Every day we post on different topics for the off-grid community but on Sunday all is fair game for just laughing.

she leaves the fridge open all the time so this is fitting for real!

Margot was the first winner of the crosswords but since she is part of the family bLife semi-enterprise we looked for the second-best one and without further ado  🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁

Julie Thomson from Colorado which subscribed on April 4th of 2021 is the 🤟🏼winner😻 of the prize for the crossword of week 32.

Julie will receive a custom-designed and built iPad pro stand


How do I know what week number was that? I remember those numbers... tsk tsk. As I said we were surprised by how much people resonate with the idea of the crosswords and we received lots of positive feedback via our Discord channel, Instagram messages, and some Facebook messages. To the point that we had to create a bLife Facebook page because people were asking for our Facebook connection.

Wanda & Francesca which liked our banana full wagon picture while I was editing this article, gave us a huge chuckle because they both, and as far as we know, are not aware of one another, they use the same tagline on their Facebook page!

I am still laughing at it!

As a surprise of the past week, we have uncovered that we have officially the older bLifer on the followers' list. Rodrigo from Panama has shown some of our posts to his grandma and she solved one of the clues that he couldn't figure out.  


Author: Margot

2. Victoria's award-winning homemade snack
5. when the papaya isn't ripe
7. spaghetti con...

1. turn yellow overnight
3. new season of our show
4. what we miss the most from Seattle
6. Scarlet's favorite toy
8. milk and snacks on Molokai cost like...

This week the puzzle was created by Margot via Facetime while she was eating a bag of chips that on Molokai cost on average NINE freaking dollars and she was taking her sweet time to bite to chips to make me suffer. Kids!!!

the torturer!

Jokes of the week

Undisputably, last week's jokes most well-received from the family were from our subscriber from California: Pierre. This week we have two crack-ups that come from two different places and people:

Francesca from Texas sent this and she claims that the rest of the family doesn't come out of their rooms on Sunday until she sends this meme to the rest of the family on their phones.

Max from Phoenix instead sent us this picture because he didn't get one of the jokes from last week 😁

And Christine from Ohio really wanted an iPad stand for free rather than buying at our Etsy store and when Stephanie replied: "no can do because Mario has only two hands" she sent us this meme.

Christine, this was so funny that I am going to make a special stand for your phone. Expect it to arrive toward the beginning of October because we received way more orders than we anticipated in our wildest dreams.

All others don't get wild ideas that this is a way out of shelling out some cash, this was a one-off that totally deserved the exception to the rule 🤪

bLiferes out there, enjoy life, live it to its fullest, and in the darkest moment of your day, remember that most likely you forgot to turn on the switch!

🌴 Have a bLife moment, every day and for no reason whatsoever 🤙🏽

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