Did I turn it on?

Have you ever had to think which light this switch is going to turn on? I did and the way I fixed it, required mother's nature help. Learn about my story.

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As we continue to evolve our new house into something that reflects our personalities, we have been leveraging what mother nature offers. Wood from our land.

Our first stint on the subject was out of necessity, a work desk for Mario. We were in awe of how great it looked that our focus spiraled into a series of other decor projects.  Using select pieces of "wood jewels", a countertop tray was born the replacement of an outdated wall sconce light fixture was next and so many other little projects that you will find on this blog.

How often have you walked into an Airbnb and trying to figure out which switch leads to what? It can be fun when vacationing or at least satisfying some quick curiosity. But when it becomes your daily routine. You start wondering WHY in God's mind a switch with 4 attachments is even necessary.

It has been a few months trying to get to know the quirks of the multitude of switches. We are still asking each other how do I turn on the living room fan?

Victoria Esposito

Published a year ago