bLife Crosswords are here!

Sunday is a relaxing day and we're going to share thoughts from our community and take a lightweight approach as the bLife Gods demand. Stay classy bLifers!

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Hello bLiferes in the wild, it's Sunday and that means it's a beach day for us!

given the size of our cooler that is not too far-fetched!

Today we celebrate a big milestone for our blog, we have just crossed 250 subscribers and our analytics show over 71% of you read the whole article and not just cruising them.

In the words of Team America and as our friend Tim would scream from his paddleboard: F-YEAHH!

We read every comment on our social outlets that for our paid users we exchange DMs too for each post. By far the most requested item to add to the bLife Experience on the blog was to have a bLife crosswords custom made for bLifers. Clues made out of previous posts and words are more likely to be discovered for those who read our little publication.

The customer (for our patrons) and the subscribers are always right, so without further ado, our week #1 bLife Time Puzzle 🥁🥁🥁




Give it a shot and we will be posting the results mid-week on our Instagram account. We are thinking of rewards and some kind of group challenges as we test this new activity together. If you have ideas or proposals fire away.

The iPad post became way more popular than we would have ever anticipated and the top comments were:

Followed by do you ship to Australia?

We always reference friends in our posts because it is a way of making this publication more like a family-driven business rather than give us the chi-chins.

We were definitely caught by surprise when some of our followers that for sure have never met the folks we referenced in the posts have struck an attachment. And the most popular so far are:

Steven and Monica

Monica is a notorious Amazon top writer and artist. Some of our followers of this publication have sent use notes of the like "just got her book, thanks for the tip!" or other comments as "OMG,,, I KNOW HER!"

For Monica we have a logical explanation, she is a public creative figure (btw keep buying her books, she needs a yacht for her dog badly!)  

I don't have Monica's avatar but that will do it 🤩

but the real mystery is STEVEN!! Some of the comments were almost patriotic in nature. Like he's some kind of natural treasure to the unknowns 😁

Susan is our 271 subscriber!! Thank you for your support!!!

At some point, people start copying the last comment and paste it to create a trend!!! We thought it was a spam attack and then it turned out to be users of our subscriber's blog list.

Production starting

Given the sharing of love and the excitement that little comment in that post created, we're definitely going to make some stands. We have opened an Etsy account and will be posting bLife goods there as soon we have made some.

Steven is definitely getting one for the holidays and a special edition too. We will post the making of it once it is ready and yes Julie you don't have to wait until December to see it happening. ☺️

Our dear friend Eugene's wife, Tanya, our Birds live knowledge is getting one too because the feedback about our posts is punctual and connecting. Love you, brother and sister!

And as proof that when you need a real friend, they show up. A bastard of pecker has drilled a hole in our house in WA and Eugene while in the midst of flooring his newly purchased home, went to our place to patch it for us.

fortunately, size didn't matter

Martin had an iPad Pro and then Antonia, the brightest and future Denmark-based architect has stolen it for her drawings, so to make him "invest" about 1K U$ in Apple technologies, we're going to make one. He's moving to Molokai in the future, so it is appropriate that a piece of Kiawe enters his life through the device that lets creativity thrives.

Jokes of the week

This is our closing section where we share the jokes that people sent in and made us laugh more than others.

For our geek readers, this joke should remind you of what school felt like when you were getting your computer science degree. This was sent in by Pierre from California.

For the record, Mario still crying, I hear from what Paola calls "the cabana" (our open space house) - I am writing this section from the greenhouse. Where I just discovered that unknown seeds I had planted are actually arugula!!!

Margot picked this one because recently she had to deal with flyers and keep them up to date.

Pierre scores here another victory point!

We asked Stephanie to pick a joke from the list but she sent us a picture of her lovely doggy. We're all about happiness so this is the kind of closing that makes us happy and smily.

Akila, her dog

🌴 Have a bLife moment, every day and for no reason whatsoever 🤙🏽

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